Monthly General House Cleans

Monthly general house cleans they will give a more thorough clean compared to a fortnightly basis taking particular care with bathrooms and kitchens as they are the most used rooms in a house. you have a team of 2 to 3 turn up at your home with all their own equipment: environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, Vorwerk hovers, sterilised cleaning cloths
In the team of 2 to 3 there will be a supervisor who will liaise with the customer and ask if there’s any special requirements such as particular polish that they use or if they require bed linen changed etc—-
The team will start upstairs they will check for any cobwebs and remove them, spot wipe the paintwork grubby mark areas, door handles lights sockets, wall sockets, picture rails, window sills, window frames, working their way round the room so nothing gets missed, then work their way background polishing tables, chairs, all areas that require polishing. Plump up any cushions lift all mats hover and replace mats or sweep and mop depending on the type of floor.
We take particular care with bathrooms and kitchens as they are one of the most used places in the home, we clean all wall tiles ceiling to floor, cleaning mirrors, sinks, toilets,
Bath’s, shower cubicles are all cleaned with a sterilising anti-bacteria cleaning agent that will kill 99.9% of all germs. 
All bathroom taps are cleaned and shine they also keep an eye on the scale build up and treat when necessary sweep and mop their way out replacing any bathroom mats and leaving your bathroom fresh and clean. We take the same care in kitchens as well.