We at upstairs downstairs take the safety of our customers and  Staff as a top priority, due to current pandemic we are putting in certain safety measures and procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.
All staff will wear face coverings and disposable gloves when cleaning your home, all equipment will be sterilised and sanitised before entering your home and again when leaving your home to make sure no viruses are transmitted on our equipment. We also have changed some of our cleaning chemicals to include antibacterial and COVID-19 sterilising agents to ensure all our customers homes are safe for them and their families.
We are aware of some of our customers conditions and special requirements. we are quite happy and prepared to work with them putting into practice any safety procedures they would like to add whilst we work in their home.
If you have any concerns regarding transmission risks During or after our visit please do not hesitate in discussing this with the supervisor or contact the office. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your patience during this difficult period.
Robert Higgins

Managing Director 


Robert Higgins